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We focus on service.  We know that when a vehicle is maintain it increases the life of a vehicle and keeps the overall cost of repairs to a minimum.

See some of the most common services.
Common Automotive Service
Oil and Filter Change
 Transmission Service and Flush
 Brake Fluid Flush
 Coolant Flush
 Vehicle Inspections
 Air Conditioning Service
 A Service and B Service
 Service I and Service II
" Even more importantly, we have the skill and training to make sure it's done right."

Engine Oil Change & Service


Oil drain and refill

   Oil Filter Replacement

   Battery, Tire, Fluid Check

Fluid Change & Service

   Transmission Service and Flush
   Brake Fluid

   Manual Transaxle Fluid
   Automatic Transaxle Fluid
   Power Steering Fluid
   Anti-Freeze Fluid
   Windshield Wiper Fluid

Engine Tune-Up


Air Cleaner Filter Replacement

   Spark Plug Replacement

   Dist Cap and Rotor  Replacement

   Ignition Wiring Replacement

   Ignition Timing Adjustment

   Valve Clearance Adjustment

   Idle Adjustment

   Fuel Filter Replacement

   PCV Valve Replacement

   Thermostat Replacement

   Water pump Replacement

   Exhaust and Muffler Replacement

Dealer Recommended Maintenance

   A Service

   B Service

   Service I

   Service II

Other Services
 Lubrication Services

   Bushing & Hose Replacement
   Brake Inspection and Service

   CV Boots and Joints Repair

   Air Conditioning System Service

   Belt Inspection and Replacement

   Alternator Belt

   Power Steering Belt

   Air Conditioning Belt

   Timing Belt

   Wheel Alignment

   Tire and Wheel Service

   New Vehicle Inspections

Alphabetical List of Services & Repairs

We want to help you find the best service at fair prices every time.
If you don't see what you are needing in this list please give us a call so we can let you know if we can help you or direct you to someone reputable that can take care of what you are needing.

We work on " All Makes and Models "

Here's a link to a list of vehicle makes that we service and repair.